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Seminars from the 2007 Plant Genome Annotation Workshops: Emphasis on the Rice Genome

Below are some of the presentations that have been given at the 2007 Rice Genome Annotation Project Workshop. These workshops are sponsored by the National Science Foundation and cover a range of topics within genomics, bioinformatics and annotation. All presentations are in a PDF format that can be viewed with Adobe Acrobat Viewer or Reader software.

Presentations in the 2007 Rice Genome Annotation Workshop

Introduction to Genome Annotation Robin Buell PDF
Alternative Splicing Matthew Campbell PDF
Repeated Sequences in the Rice Genome Matthew Campbell PDF
Data Formats Kevin Childs PDF
Data Visualization Kevin Childs PDF
Program to Assemble Spliced Alignments (PASA) Mathangi Thiagarajan PDF
Biological Sequence Alignments Wei Zhu PDF
Introduction to Gene Expression Shu Ouyang PDF
Functional Annotation Rama Maiti PDF
Gene Prediction Programs Wei Zhu PDF
Genome Sequence Quality Matthew Campbell PDF
Sorghum Genomics and Molecular Genetics Kevin Childs PDF
Genome Sequencing and Assembly Luke Tallon PDF

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