Information About the Centromeres in the Rice Genome Annotation Project Pseudomolecules

Centromeres were identified using the CentO centromeric sequence (AY101510; Cheng et al., 2002) as well as sequencing and flourescent in situ hybridization information. The centromeres are around, or adjacent to, the following clones on each of the 12 rice chromosomes.

Chr GenBank accesion BAC/PAC name Position (Mb) in the pseudomolecule
Chr1 AP007228 B1061G08 16.7
Chr2 AP007145 B1120G10d 13.6
Chr3 AC137925 OSJNBb0047D08 19.4
Chr4 BX890594 OSJNBb0062N22 9.7
Chr5 AC137984 P0697B04 12.4
Chr6 AP005763 OSJNBa0015G09 15.3
Chr7 AP007259 B1155H11d 12.1
Chr8 AP006480 B1052H09 12.9
Chr9 AP007147 B1106C08d 2.8
Chr10 AC022352 OSJNBa0034E23 8.2
Chr11 AC137922 OSJNBa0046A04 12
Chr12 BX000556 OSJNBa0088J04 11.9

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