Rice Genome Annotation Project Data Download

There are several options for downloading rice genome annotation data from the Rice Genome Annotation Project annotation database. The Download site is available for those who wish to download the annotation data as an entire set or by chromosome. The Download site also contains the annotation data in GFF format.

Batch Download:

Please paste your gene or model locus identifiers into the text field and choose the output format. The plain text output can be copied from the browser and saved locally in a text editor. Any inputs that cause an error will be printed at the bottom of the output with an explanation.

If gene locus identifiers are given (e.g., LOC_Os01g01010), the returned sequences/GO terms will be returned for the representative gene model

Please select the data type you wish to retrieve:
Locus Genomic Sequence:
Gene Model Sequence:
Protein Sequence:
Putative Functions:
GOSlim Assignments:

Select how you would like the output:
Plain text:

Paste your Rice Genome Annotation Project Locus Identifiers or gene models here:

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