Rice Pseudomolecule Version Converter

The Rice Pseudomolecule Version Converter allows you to link gene models in different Rice Genome Annotation Project pseudomolecule versions. You can search either by legacy feature identifiers (e.g. 9638.m00152 or 11668.t00377) or RGAP locus names (e.g. LOC_Os10g33200 or LOC_Os08g44450.3). Please note that not all gene models can be linked to models in other versions due to the genomic sequence changes when the rice genome is being finished and our pseudomolecules were constructed.


Feat_name or Locus:

You can do a batch conversion by downloading a text file here.

Please click here to search the obsolete loci for more information if your locus doesn't exist in our latest version of annotation.

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