Chloroplastic lipocalins

Superfamily: Plant lipocalins and lipocalin like proteins were identified through an integrated approach of data mining, expression studies, cellular localization and phylogenetic analyses.
Contact: Fathey Sarhan
Organization: University of Quebec at Montreal
Source: Charron, J.-B. F., Ouellet, F., Pelletier, M., Danyluk, J., Chauve, C., Sarhan, F. (2005) Identification, expression, and evolutionary analyses of plant lipocalins. Plant Physiology. 139:2017-2028.
Criteria: CHLs were identified from the rice genome using TBLASTN using the wheat TIL-1 protein as a query and using TargetP and ChloroP to identify transit peptides.


Gene Name: OsCHL
Gene Description: Oryza sativa Chloroplastic lipocalin
MSU Annotation: OsCHL Chloroplastic lipocalin, expressed
GenBank Genomic Acc: AP008210
GenBank cDNA Acc: XM_473969
GenBank Protein Acc: XP_473969
Comment: CB662129, CB662128, CF33723, CF301621, CF297274
Structural Annotation:  


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