BTB proteins with C2 subfamily conserved sequence

Superfamily: Bric-A-Brac/Tramtrack/Broad Complex (BTB) Proteins
Contact: Derek Gingerich
Organization: University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire
Source: Gingerich DJ, Hanada K, Shiu SH, Vierstra RD (2007) Large-scale, lineage-specific expansion of a bric-a-brac/tramtrack/broad complex ubiquitin-ligase gene family in rice. Plant Cell 19(8):2329-48
Criteria: Annotation is based on the comparison of homologous genes in rice and Arabidopsis and, when available, on full-length cDNAs


Gene Name: C2-BTB1
Gene Description: Bric-a-Brac, Tramtrack, Broad Complex (BTB) domain with "C2" subfamily conserved sequence
MSU Annotation: C2-BTB1 - Bric-a-Brac, Tramtrack, Broad Complex BTB domain with C2 subfamily conserved sequence, expressed
GenBank Genomic Acc: AP008213
Structural Annotation:  


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