Serine Beta-Lactamase Family (Peptidase_S12; PF00144)

Contact: R. Sowdhamini
Organization: National Centre for Biological Sciences, Bangalore, India
Source: Tripathi LP, Sowdhamini R (2006) Cross genome comparisons of serine proteases in Arabidopsis and rice. BMC Genomics. 9;7:200
Criteria: Contains a SP12 domain


Gene Name: OsSBeL1
Gene Description: Putative Serine Beta-Lactamase homologue in rice
MSU Annotation: OsSBeL1 - Putative Serine Beta-Lactamase homologue, expressed
Comment: Serine Protease Homologue: one or more catalytic residues are either mutated or missing1
Contains the following domain(s)2: ABC1, SP12
Predicted localization3: M
Structural Annotation:  

1 Pils and Schultz (2004); Ross et al. (2003)
2SPxx- Serine protease family SPxx domain, where SPxx refers to the serine protease family as per MEROPS classification; PDZ� PDZ domain (Pfam accession: PF00595; PA� Protease associated domain (Pfam accession: PF02225); SN- Subtilisin N-terminal region (Pfam accession: PF005922); D1034- Domain of unknown function (Pfam accession: PF06280); Arf- ADP-ribosylation factor family (Pfam accession: PF00025); C2- C2 domain (Pfam accession: PF00168); zf- Zinc knuckle (Pfam accession: PF00098); rve� Integrase core domain (Pfam accession:PF00665); EX2- Extensin-like region (Pfam accession: PF04554); S9N- Prolyl oligopeptidase, N-terminal beta-propeller domain (Pfam accession: PF02897); PD40- WD40-like beta propeller repeat (Pfam accession: PF07676); DPN- Dipeptidyl peptidase (DPP IV) N-terminal region (Pfam accession: PF00930); Transposase_21- Transposase family tnp2 (Pfam accession: PF02992); Retrotrans- Retrotransposon gag protein (Pfam accession: PF03732); ABC1- ABC1 family (Pfam accession: PF03109); LON- ATP-dependent protease La (LON) domain (Pfam accession: PF02190); AAA- ATPase family associated with various cellular activities (Pfam accession: PF00004); UBA- UBA/TN-S domain (Pfam accession: PF000627)
3 C: chloroplast ; M: mitochondrion S: secreted. Predictions were made using TargetP (Emanuelsson et al., 2000)

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