Orthologous Groups among Rice, Brachypodium, Maize and Sorghum

A total of 138,601 representative peptide sequences from rice* (release 7), maize (release 5b filtered set), Brachypodium (release 1.0) and Sorghum (release 1.4) were used for identification of putative orthologous groups using OrthoMCL with default parameters (Li et al., 2003). A total of 25,409 putative orthologous groups including in-paralogs were identified. Each putative orthologous group can be retrieved by searching rice gene identifier (e.g., LOC_Os09g39670), maize gene identifier (e.g., GRMZM2G000614), Brachypodium gene identifier (e.g., Bradi1g54640), or Sorghum gene identifier (e.g. Sb03g009160).

*: Transposable-element related genes were excluded from this analysis.

The list of orthologous groups can be downloaded from our ftp site.

Rice gene to search (e.g., LOC_Os01g49614):

Brachypodium gene to search (e.g., Bradi1g54540):

Maize gene to search (e.g., GRMZM2G000614):

Sorghum gene to search (e.g., Sb03g009160):

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