Orthologous Groups among Rice, Arabidopsis, Brachypodium, Maize, Poplar, Grapevine and Sorghum

A total of 232,821 representative peptide sequences from rice* (release 7), Arabidopsis (release 10), poplar (release 2.2), grapevine (release 1_12x), sorghum (release 1.4), maize (release 5b filtered set), and Brachypodium (release 1.0) were used for identification of putative orthologous groups using OrthoMCL with default parameters (Li et al., 2003). A total of 29,968 putative orthologous groups including in-paralogs were identified. Each putative orthologous group can be retrieved by searching rice locus identifier (e.g., LOC_Os09g39670), Arabidopsis gene identifier (e.g., AT4G23430), poplar gene identifier (e.g., POPTR_0001s00200), grapevine gene identifier (e.g., GSVIVG00000034001), sorghum gene identifier (e.g. Sb03g009160), maize gene identifier (e.g. GRMZM2G163956 or AC212809.2_FG002), or Brachypodium gene identifier (e.g. Bradi1g00270).

*: Transposable-element related genes were excluded from this analysis.

The list of orthologous groups can be downloaded here.

Rice locus to search (e.g., LOC_Os09g39670):

Arabidopsis gene to search (e.g., AT4G23430):

Brachypodium gene to search (e.g., Bradi4g28510):

Maize gene to search (e.g., GRMZM2G471080):

Poplar gene to search (e.g., POPTR_0015s00840):

Grapevine gene to search (e.g., GSVIVG00031377001):

Sorghum locus to search (e.g., Sb03g009160):

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